Beyond Respect was founded by Jean-Baptiste Andrieu with the goal of developing practical and creative solutions for organizations committed to human rights.

Jean-Baptiste is a labor and human rights specialist. He spent over 15 years supporting large organizations and their stakeholders as they addressed complex challenges throughout their worldwide operations and value chains.

Tackling challenges at scale demands partnering with dedicated experts. From our global network, we’re able to build the best team possible with exactly the right expertise and skillset to execute projects successfully.


Top organizations and individual experts with encyclopedic knowledge within their respective fields capable of identifying the key to our clients’ complex real-world challenges, helping to craft actionable solutions.


On-the-ground partners with a deep understanding of a country’s socio-economic terrain, including the culture, customs and vernacular language who are capable of forging authentic connections with the right local stakeholders.


Best-in-class graphic designers, illustrators, 3D animators, and videographers who can translate complex metrics and processes into clear and innovative, creative deliverables.